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Let’s Travel: Why Dubai?

A running joke between myself and my boyfriend is that he’s an oil baron and I’m only with him for the money. This, ladies and gentlemen, is because he’s from Dubai.  As time went on and our relationship become serious, he asked me if I'd like to go and visit his home. Of course, I… Continue reading Let’s Travel: Why Dubai?


“Just Get Over Your Asthma”

Most people are very understanding of asthma, but I have been told certain things in passing, by friends, educators, and strangers alike - “Asthma is just coughing.” “Stop overreacting.” “You obviously don’t exercise enough.” “It’s not a real illness.” “Just get over it.” It’s November 8th, the cold has creeped in across the country. I’m… Continue reading “Just Get Over Your Asthma”

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Travel Talk – Crete 2017

This is my Dad, my Mum, and my brother. In June, we went on 'the last family holiday'. Every time I say that phrase, it sounds very morbid. None of us are dying or are off to war or have sworn a familial hatred. I personally think this title of 'the last family holiday' is… Continue reading Travel Talk – Crete 2017


My Employee of the Caudate Nucleus is misbehaving…

Dear Employee of the Caudate Nucleus, This is an official warning from Head Office. Please consider your recent behaviour and the effect it has had on the Work Place. In other words, what the hell are you playing at? Seriously. Over the last few weeks, nay, months, there has been an immense deterioration in your… Continue reading My Employee of the Caudate Nucleus is misbehaving…


Twenty Tips From A Twenty Year Old

On Thursday, I had wine with brunch. That’s because I am officially no longer a youth folks, that’s the sort of thing I can do now I am a freewheeling 20 year old.  Isn’t that great? Maybe? I think? It was my 20th birthday on Thursday. I did have a really lovely day, but the… Continue reading Twenty Tips From A Twenty Year Old


Let’s Talk: Thankfulness and ‘That Topic’

Do you know how difficult it is to find an image to represent thankfulness? I’ve spent hours trawling through pictures of white women with open arms, staring into sunsets. I’ve given up. Take it. Take the darn picture. At the time this blog post is being written, the end is nigh. Well, the end of… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Thankfulness and ‘That Topic’