“Just Get Over Your Asthma”

Most people are very understanding of asthma, but I have been told certain things in passing, by friends, educators, and strangers alike - “Asthma is just coughing.” “Stop overreacting.” “You obviously don’t exercise enough.” “It’s not a real illness.” “Just get over it.” It’s November 8th, the cold has creeped in across the country. I’m… Continue reading “Just Get Over Your Asthma”

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My Adventures With Anti-Depressants

I’ll be honest, I am a busy bee, and I’ve got a lot on my plate. In response to that, I tend to get asked a question – ‘Rosie, how do you do it?’ And I always respond with – ‘Antidepressants’. People always laugh at that.   I’ve been on the anti-depressant Sertraline (Zoloft) for… Continue reading My Adventures With Anti-Depressants


Talk Literary to Me

Excuse my language here, but there is no other way to say it – books are the shit. I mean that in a good way. Books are my greatest joy, apart from carbs and my dog Chewie. For three years, I studied BA English Literature & Drama at the University of Winchester; I basically did… Continue reading Talk Literary to Me


What to do when Life kicks you in the balls…

Excuse my French here, but life can be shit. And when it is shit, it doesn’t do it by half. Life rains down upon you like hellfire and brimstone, throwing debt and morality at you like an absurdist cricket game, taunting you with every negativity you can think of. I’ll admit, life has not been… Continue reading What to do when Life kicks you in the balls…