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Travel Talk – Crete 2017

This is my Dad, my Mum, and my brother. In June, we went on 'the last family holiday'. Every time I say that phrase, it sounds very morbid. None of us are dying or are off to war or have sworn a familial hatred. I personally think this title of 'the last family holiday' is… Continue reading Travel Talk – Crete 2017


Talk Literary to Me

Excuse my language here, but there is no other way to say it – books are the shit. I mean that in a good way. Books are my greatest joy, apart from carbs and my dog Chewie. For three years, I studied BA English Literature & Drama at the University of Winchester; I basically did… Continue reading Talk Literary to Me


Why We Need DCEU’s ‘Wonder Woman’

This is a *no spoiler* blog post, so those of you who haven't seen 'Wonder Woman' or don't want to can still enjoy.             The perks of working in a cinema? The occasional free ticket to any film you want to see. It's especially great as you don't feel you've wasted money on a particularly… Continue reading Why We Need DCEU’s ‘Wonder Woman’


What to do when Life kicks you in the balls…

Excuse my French here, but life can be shit. And when it is shit, it doesn’t do it by half. Life rains down upon you like hellfire and brimstone, throwing debt and morality at you like an absurdist cricket game, taunting you with every negativity you can think of. I’ll admit, life has not been… Continue reading What to do when Life kicks you in the balls…


Let’s Talk: Thankfulness and ‘That Topic’

Do you know how difficult it is to find an image to represent thankfulness? I’ve spent hours trawling through pictures of white women with open arms, staring into sunsets. I’ve given up. Take it. Take the darn picture. At the time this blog post is being written, the end is nigh. Well, the end of… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Thankfulness and ‘That Topic’