I’m a woman who likes to be busy at all times, so as well as working full time in higher education, running an arts company on the side, making time for my friends, family, and partner, and trying to keep healthy, I’ve got a heck tonne of projects on the go!

  • I’m an avid amateur photographer. If you’d like to follow along as I learn to use my camera and snapshot the world around me, follow my photo-gram at @rosieandhercamera
  • With my company, I am currently doing a few things. I am adapting and abridging Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, planning workshops and shows for the coming year, reworking the company website, and am in the writing phase of a musical.
  • As a youth, I was a folk musician and a darn good one too. So, I’m dedicating more time to my instruments, namely the mandolin, banjo, and pennywhistle.
  • Oh, and I’m also trying to get fit and lose two stone. That’s a blog post waiting to happen.