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Why I am Running the Race For Life…

Hello, my name is Rosie; I am an avid reader, keen photographer, blogger, theatre maker, and I am woefully unfit. Last month, I had an asthma attack that resulted in an ambulance trip, multiple oxygen masks, IVs, X-rays, and medication. This left me unable to leave the house for almost two weeks whilst I regained… Continue reading Why I am Running the Race For Life…

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Bujo-ing for Beginners!

What is bujo-ing? To quote the official bullet journal creator, it is an analog system “to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” To quote me (Rosie Lewis, avid bullet journal-er), “my bullet journal is my baby and I cannot live without it”. That may be a little bit… Continue reading Bujo-ing for Beginners!

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Sticky Shoes & Ringing Ears

This day, one year ago, I was walking through London in the dark with sore feet, covered in someone else’s beer, with ringing ears and tired eyes. It was amazing. I had gone to see my favourite band at The O2 Arena London, something I had been looking forward to for months. Gorillaz first came… Continue reading Sticky Shoes & Ringing Ears

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Childhood Rooms and Change

I don’t live in my childhood bedroom anymore. I haven’t lived in my childhood home for nearly six years. My family sold that house in Caldicot to move to Abergavenny for my mum’s job, where I gained a new, smaller room. I also gained a room at my grandparents, where I stayed to complete my… Continue reading Childhood Rooms and Change

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Fill Your Feed with Fearlessness & Feel-good

It’s 2018 and a large part of our personal world revolves around being online and on social media. I adore social media; it keeps me updated with the outer world and my inner circle, pushes my creativity, and ensures that I am constantly learning. However, in an online world full of appetite suppressing lollipops, hustle… Continue reading Fill Your Feed with Fearlessness & Feel-good

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22 Things I’ve Learnt

At the beginning of July, I turned 22 years old. Now, as we all know, young adults make the best decisions and are the font of all knowledge (please note the sarcasm in that, I am very aware that we are just stumbling blindly through this thing called ‘adult life’). In my 22 years of… Continue reading 22 Things I’ve Learnt

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Let’s Travel: Why Dubai?

A running joke between myself and my boyfriend is that he’s an oil baron and I’m only with him for the money. This, ladies and gentlemen, is because he’s from Dubai.  As time went on and our relationship become serious, he asked me if I'd like to go and visit his home. Of course, I… Continue reading Let’s Travel: Why Dubai?