What the heck is a BuJo?

I am, and always have been, a massive nerd. I love education and learning so much that during my time at university I had a Tumblr blog dedicated to studying and notes (I still do, but don’t tell anyone). I was a wild student. It was whilst scrolling through pages of colourful notes and pictures of people’s desk set ups, I came across the concept of the bullet journal, or the BuJo for short. To be overly dramatic, my life changed forever…

‘What the even heck is bullet journaling?’ I hear some of you say. To use the official definition, ‘the Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system’. It sounds a little bit un-interesting but it actually sets my organisational heart on fire. Basically, you design your own diary, planner, notebook; whatever you want your bullet journal to be. For people who don’t like writing or spending time over intricate details, stay away from Bullet Journaling. You will want to throw your journal across the room. I mean, when I do the slightest bit wrong in my bullet journal I want to throw it across the room, and I love spending hours pouring my heart, soul, and ink into it.

The concept was created by a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, aimed at helping people find a way of organisation that fuels their creativity and mindfulness. Yeah, it’s that sort of thing. On the official Bullet Journal website, you can find information on how to set up your BuJo in official Bullet Journal style. This features clean templates and intimidating phrases such as ‘Future Logs’ and ‘Migration’. Here are some examples of the more traditional system.



My Bullet Journal look nothing like that. My Bullet Journal is colourful and messy and has almost no order to it. That’s why I love the system. You can start off adhering to the official ‘rules’ but end up turning it upside down and on its head. ‘Rapid logging’, page numbering, specific bullets for specific things; I just didn’t get on with that, so I threw that out. I loved the monthly spreads, weekly logs, habit trackers, originality side of things.

September 2017

October 2016

April 2017

October 2017
Here’s my current monthly spread for October 2017!


As someone who is vocally a control freak and an anxious burrito, my BuJo helped me through university. It meant that I could colour-code my way, keep track of dates and assignments my way, plan things my way (sorry to get all Sinatra on you). As a visual learner, it helped me study, and as an easily distracted creative mind, it meant I could break out that creativity whilst still working. It also meant that I didn’t have to carry around a diary, a notebook for my class, a notebook for creative projects, a notebook for essays etc. It meant everything was in one place, organised in the way I needed it.

Also, my BuJo makes my Instagram look lit so it’s fantastic for my self-esteem.

Now I’m outside of university, I still use my BuJo to organise myself, my work, and my creative projects. I recommend that you have a look into Bullet Journaling if you like organisation or creating. All you need is a notebook and a pen, and you’re good to go.

Let me know your experiences with Bullet Journaling, if you think it’s a ridiculous idea, or if it helps you out!



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