Let’s Talk: Thankfulness and ‘That Topic’

Do you know how difficult it is to find an image to represent thankfulness? I’ve spent hours trawling through pictures of white women with open arms, staring into sunsets. I’ve given up. Take it. Take the darn picture.

At the time this blog post is being written, the end is nigh.

Well, the end of June is nigh. Although, with what has been happening in the world right now, I know that certain groups are calling it the end.

ANYWAY, I don’t want to talk about the end of the world (in this blog post anyway). Let’s have a little talk about the events of June.

America is still suffering from the mass shooting at LGBTQ+ club Pulse, and Turkey is on high terrorist alert after many bombs were detonated in Istanbul’s airport. In the UK, Brexit happened, we lost our Prime Minister, members of parliament are resigning, Corbyn is being slated, certain MPs were revealed to have been lying, etcetera etcetera etcetera. To put it lightly, June has been a bit of a horrid mess. When surrounded by so much negative news, it’s difficult to see that good things still exist. We’ve each got our own things, big or small, that make us happy and we should celebrate those good things in the face of adversity, whilst not forgetting the negativity. Let’s spread some thankfulness for the goodness in our lives.

I’m thankful for my flowery pyjama bottoms for looking like fashionable trousers so I can be the comfiest childminder around.

I’m thankful for semi-permanent hair dye for making me feel slightly adventurous and that I actually have a little bit of control over my life.

I’m thankful for Brexit  – WAIT WAIT WAIT, LET ME FINISH THE SENTENCE. I’m thankful for Brexit for making so many more people politically aware and active. Every cloud has a silver lining, eh? (In my opinion, it’s a very big, thunderous, torrential cloud with a very small silver lining, but a silver lining all the same. But, I don’t want to remind you about Britain being voted out of the EU…)

I’m thankful for Tom Hanks. I’m always thankful for Tom Hanks.

I’m thankful for Facebook Memories for making me smile and remember the good times that were had (and then curl up in an anxious ball remembering things and people I wish I hadn’t occurred. Yeah, thanks for that Facebook).

I’m thankful for the NHS. I always am and I always will be. Without it, I would most definitely be dead (thanks life-long asthma and deadly peanut allergy). However, the incidents of June have made me think what life would be like without the NHS. What would us non-rich folks do? What would happen if it was privatised? Sorry, I don’t want to remind you about Britain being voted out of the EU…

I’m thankful for make-up for making me look less like a zombie with a head cold, and more like a zombie with radiating cheekbones and killer cat eye.

I’m thankful for having a family who love me, friends who care for me, and companions who support me. I am a lucky one indeed.

I’m thankful for the good ol’ British Weather for giving me a glorious suntan. Oh. Actually, I wrote that entirely wrong in my notebook. What I was meant to write was, I’m thankful for the good ol’ British Weather for consistently raining so I can have a ‘socially acceptable’ excuse for messy hair, instead of ‘oh yeah, I forgot to brush it today’.

I’m thankful for the safety of Winchester. This is not a war-torn country, I am not killed for my faith, I am not a second class citizen because of my gender. It is obviously not perfect, of course not, but at least we haven’t seen, say, an increase in racism and violence since the EU Referendum. Sorry, I don’t want to remind you about Britain being voted out of the EU…

I’m thankful for Adele. Whenever I’m sad, I find the video compilation of Adele laughing and I am instantly better.

I’m thankful for tea. I’m always thankful for tea. This month, I am especially thankful for green tea; thank you for making me feel healthy even though I drink you with chocolatey Wheetos after a night of heavy take-out.

I’m thankful for my blog and my readers for making me feel like I am actually achieving something worthy, even though I am just curled up in my duvet with unbrushed hair and PJs on a Saturday.

I’m thankful that Boris Johnson has dropped out of the race to become PM. Could you imagine Boris ‘Floopy-Doopy-I-Got-Stuck-On-a-Zipwire’ as PM? No, I couldn’t. However, this does mean a hell of a lot of uncertainty within the government on who will be the next PM. Some people in the running are really not suitable candidates. Sorry, I don’t want to remind you about Britain being voted out of the EU…

I’m thankful for the Dog Filter on Snapchat. Vain, I know, but it makes me feel gosh-darned-cute.

I’m thankful for the modern day wonder that is Lactose-Free Milk. Thank you, Heavens. I can drink milky tea happily again! I can have cereal without worrying if my soya milk has been contaminated with almond! I CAN HAVE PANCAKES ONCE AGAIN!

I’m thankful for community and the aid that it brings. I’m thankful for law and the safety it upholds. I’m thankful for fairness and the wonder it has on our world. I’m thankful for agreements and trade and links. Sorry, I don’t want to remind you about Britain being voted out of the EU…


Let me know what you are thankful for. Let me know what the good things are in your life, however big or small. Let me know what makes you smile.

Oh yeah, and I guess that I do want to remind you about Britain being voted out of the EU. Just because we’ve had the Referendum and we won’t be leaving for two years, don’t forget about it. It can’t be brushed under the table. I’m thankful that we live in a democracy. I’m thankful for the EU and all it does for our country. Let’s not forget how lucky we are to be a part of the EU.

Rosie, out.


DISCLAIMER: these are all my own views. I do not mean to offend anyone. If you voted fairly and with faith that what you were doing was right, I will shake your hand and thank you, regardless of voting position.

(Originally posted on July 2nd 2016 @ https://rosiealou.wordpress.com/2016/07/02/lets-talk-thankfulness-and-that-topic/)


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